Family Fun at The National Corvette Museum

Hey its Jillian with another fun adventure on the books!  My family and I took a long weekend trip to the Louisville, Kentucky area.  We explored some amazing stops in town but then discovered a fun little place a few hours outside Louisville that we just knew we had to make a stop at!  My dad has always been a huge fan of cars and so we’ve gone to many car shows in my childhood. That love for cars has continued on to my 10 year old son Mason.  After doing some internet searching we discovered that the National Corvette Museum was a place we HAD to stop at!  So we took the 2 hour drive and then spent a few hours there enjoying everything the museum had to offer!

As we walked in the door, Mason noticed a bright yellow corvette in the center that someone was “driving”.  Turns out this was a full size car simulator!!  For a small fee, he was sitting in the driver’s seat and “driving’ this yellow corvette with a huge smile on his face!

We then walked around to the different areas that they had and admired all the different variations of corvettes!  My son really liked seeing all the older school versions of them and I found a couple that seemed very futuristic which was fun to see! We also found our way to the kids area which my 2 year old son Austin really enjoyed!  Mason pretended to work on the car in there just like his Papa and Austin drove around in the little kid’s car!

One of the most intriguing things that my husband Dennis and I really enjoyed at the museum was all the information about the museum’s sky dome collapsing in 2014.  We were in complete shock that it happened and spent a good chunk of our time reading through news stories and looking at pictures etc.  There was a cave that was discovered during that time and there as some pretty cool info about that as well!

Overall we had a VERY fun time at the National Corvette Museum and were immediately talking about visiting again and this time bringing my Dad along for the fun!  If you want to see more details about the fun exhibits that they offer, here is their website!