Father’s Day Gift Idea: Protect That Legacy!

Childrens hands holding a gift or present box with kraft paper and tied blue ribbon tag on Happy fathers day, holiday concept

This I know for sure: all dads get bumped/kicked/punched/etc. in their most delicate region by their young children. I’m not as certain that most dads get injured in that area quite as often as my husband. I’d estimate… maybe once (at least) daily. It’s so ridiculous that I’ve started victim-blaming, which I’m not proud of. However, if you get bumped in your delicate region often while changing diapers, then… oh… maybe sit a different way?

Anyway, the cool company that makes that snot-sucker that everyone uses for their new babies has invented a BRILLIANT new product just in time for Father’s Day. FridaBalls is underwear that protects your groin area from those pesky kids. This products is so awesome that the preorders are even backordered. Everyone is excited to protect their jewels!

Check it out here.



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