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Dateline: LEE COUNTY, Fla.

A woman is fighting to keep her emotional support chickens and is ruffling feathers by taking legal action against Lee County.

“They’re emotional comfort animals. They live in my home,” Karen Morris said.

During a code enforcement proceeding last week, Morris was ordered to pay a $285 fine and to find a new home for her four chickens in the next 30 days.

If Morris fails to comply to the terms, she faces a $25 fee for every day she remains in violation.

“It’s just disappointing. My girls have changed my life in a positive way and I’m not removing them. The girls are all I have,” said Morris.

Her attorney says that if the “chics” are evicted, the county has violated the Fair Housing Act.

Morris is making a federal case out of it and her attorney says she will be filing a temporary restraining order against the county for the chickens.   The county intends to vigorously defend the case.

If Morris is required to move her emotional comfort chickens, I suggest she avoids anywhere near a Popeye’s.  They’ve been short on product for those new chicken sandwiches lately.