There’s a hospital in Wales with a lot of male patients who used to work trades and shift work, and have a lot of old habits that die hard. Wake up, work hard, hit the pub for a few with the boys, repeat.

So often with dementia patients, the later afternoon and early evening are “sundown” time, where those suffering have the hardest time remembering their lives and their identity. This fact isn’t lost upon the health professionals that work at Swansea’s Cefn Coed Hospital in Wales, which houses the 20-bed all-male wing called the Derwen Ward.

According to Alzheimer’, “For elderly gentlemen who used to work long days and then go out for a drink with friends, it’s hard to go without the evening social time they used to have. Instead of enjoying a pint of beer together, they’re stuck in their rooms alone, waiting impatiently for sleep to come. We thought – what better way to help them than to get a pub on the ward?”

The beer’s non-alcoholic, but the camaraderie is real! What do YOU think of this idea to jog Alzheimer’s patients’ memories