An airline worker just posted a picture of a message she found written on a BARF BAG, last year.

It was from a woman, who said she was flying to D.C., to stop her best friend at the airport – to tell him she loved him.  He was about to go overseas. 

Now social media is trying to track her down to find out how it went.

The note was signed by a 21-year-old, named Andrea.  She wrote that she’d just bought the flight – last minute…  Andrea knew he would have a layover in the District of Columbia; so she wanted to get there, to tell him her true feelings.

And since she was going to Australia in four days for a semester abroad, it was her last chance.

So, why did she write about her mission on a barf bag?  Her quote:  “my wifi doesn’t work . . . so this is me, venting.”

So now, people on social media (Reddit and more) are trying to track down Andrea . . . to find out if she DID catch the guy between his flights to have her moment – with him.

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