Take the traditional Valentine Plan, and give it a twist, this year.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.  But it can be incredibly memorable – and, well, frisky.

Instead of a rose bouquet, maybe a Reese’s bouquet?  Or cotton candy, or paper “roses,” made out of love notes…  (A friend of mine is knitting a rose blanket, for her love).

What if “breakfast in bed” became “Bed-n-Breakfast,” instead?  Spend one night, at that place nearby, which you’ve talked about trying, but never get to.  Then, order breakfast in.

Rather than jewelry, perhaps another kind of “sparkle” – like a champagne toast, in a special spot.

Or, instead of a traditional “love Letter,” maybe leave some notes from your pet, which describe how great you are as a couple, or how it’s obvious to see your daily care and love for each other.

Would it be fun to leave clues by the keys, the toothbrush, the fridge, that you’ll get a “couple pedicure or massage?  Maybe the clues lead to a gift card…

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