Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty?  Over 156,000,000 of us or 12% of the population will bail on our New Year’s Resolutions before the week is out.

According to Lifehack, there are 10 reasons why our resolutions fail:

Here are a few to think about;

  • It’s a marathon….not a sprint. We want instant gratification and that may not be in the cards.  Although, it would be delightful to lose 15 pounds in 5 days, that’s probably not going to happen.
  • You think too much about it…and do nothing. The thinking can be a bit tiring….
  • You might be trying too hard or aren’t enjoying the little wins.

They suggest; the more specific you are in your goal, the more vivid it is in your imagination and the more encouraged you’ll be!

See what else they suggest here.