What would you do if you were on a family road trip, and one of you died on the way home? Sounds like a ’90’s comedy similar to “Weekend at Bernie’s” or “Little Miss Sunshine”, doesn’t it?

One unfortunate Canadian family had been vacationing in Florida, and piled in the car to drive home. 80 year old grandpa didn’t make the trip, and passed away en route. What to do?

The family, faced with such an emotional moment, still needed to make some tough choices. They’re fully aware that healthcare in the United States is expensive, and commented as much when the police at the border stopped the remaining family members and asked why there was a dead body in the back seat.

They went on to admit he’d been in the back seat for two days! They had also considered the cost of flying him home, and found that to be too pricey as well. So after weighing their options, “keep driving” must have become their mantra.

Canadian police will not be filing any charges, saying even if they DID, they wouldn’t know what to charge them with!