For better or worse, “BH90210” premiered last night . . . and finally answered the question on everyone’s minds:  How were they going to pay tribute to the late LUKE PERRY?  Well, they did it THREE TIMES.

The first was near the beginning of the show, when the rest of the gang gets together for the first time at a “90210” reunion event.  GABRIELLE CARTERIS says, quote, “I can’t believe that we are all here.”

And JASON PRIESTLEY replies, quote, “I wish that were true.”  His words are followed by a brief pause.

Later, everyone is on a private plane heading home from the reunion, and they toast him.

Finally, at the end of the show, JENNIE GARTH shows up at TORI SPELLING’s house, and Tori’s kids are watching “90210”.  That’s when Tori gets the idea to do the reboot.

The episode ends on a scene where Dylan drives Brandon to the beach and tells him, quote, “Welcome to paradise, man.  Welcome to your dream come true.”

Then the words “For our friend Luke Perry, 1966 – 2019” appear onscreen.