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Here’s How Many Minutes You Have to Eat McDonald’s Fries Before They Get Nasty

McDonald’s French fries are amazing . . . IF they’re hot. Once they get cold, they turn back to their natural state of something between Styrofoam and cardboard.

So some writers at a food website called The Takeout decided to run a study to see how many minutes you have to eat McDonald’s fries before they turn nasty. Here are their results . . .

1. The first five minutes after they’re made are the sweet spot where they taste the absolute best.

2. Between five minutes and 13 minutes, they’re still pretty good, but they start getting cold and the texture starts changing from “crisp” to “mushy.”

3. At 13 minutes, they’ve stopped being crisp and rapidly lose their taste.

4. And by 17 minutes, they basically become inedible.

So their advice is: Wait for McDonald’s to make a fresh batch of fries, order them, then eat them quickly. And if you want a lot of fries, instead of getting a large, get a small . . . eat it . . . then go up and order another small.


(The Takeout)

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