Such a festive time of the year and plenty of parties celebrating the season to go along with it.  I don’t consider myself a “Ms. Manners,” however I thought it might be helpful if we review some Holiday Party fouls, or what NOT to do unless you want to be the one whispered about for the next twelve months.

1 – Forgetting to RSVP; unless you don’t intend on eating, drinking, or taking up any space, the host might like to know you are showing up.

2 – Make sure you prepare plus-one on what to expect; does the host have a peculiar quirk, or how Bill from Accounting might try and sell you his timeshare.

3 – Don’t be the first to arrive or the last to leave. You might have to set up or clean up!

4 – Don’t show up with a cold!  I know “sharing is caring,” however if you are sick, stay home and don’t get everyone else sick.  Hey! You might have to pick up the slack at work if you wipe all your coworkers out.

5 – Avoid bad jokes, language and politics. Which could all be one in the same…

6 – Don’t over-serve yourself; there might not be enough lampshades for all of you.

7 – Don’t stare at your phone – you could just stay home.

8 – Don’t ignore the dress code!  If it isn’t an “ugly sweater” party and more of a formal affair, keep that creepy Santa cardigan at home.

9 – Don’t bring a first date, your child or your pet.

10 – Don’t overshare. No one else needs to know about that Mole you had removed last week.

And remember to HAVE FUN!

Thanks to Best Life Online for all these tips. If you want to check out any more of these and maybe passive-aggressively share with others, click here!