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Dateline: Las Vegas, Nevada

One Las Vegas mother hopes Santa doesn’t bring her daughter any Polly Pocket toys this Christmas.

Katy Branson says she received a $3,000 bill after doctors removed a plastic doll shoe stuck in her 3-year-old daughter, Lucy’s nose.  Apparently, earlier this week, Miss Lucy stuck two pink Polly Pocket plastic doll shoes up her nose — one in each nostril.

Mom was able to remove one of the shoes, but even urgent care couldn’t reach the second shoe.

Lucy then went to the local hospital where doctors used a tweezer-like tool to successfully remove the second shoe in…seconds.  The bill?  $3,000.  That’s one expensive shoe!  AND it wasn’t even a Jimmy Choo!

The original bill was reduced to $1,700 because of a high medical deductible or they found a really good coupon.