Illinois makes a lot of lists. This time, we made the list of “Most Sinful States in America” according to WalletHub (8th), just in time for Fat Tuesday!

As Mardi Gras wraps up, consider where YOUR state lands on the list, and what you need to do to get to #1 next year!

To decide which states were most sinful, they judged 43 “indicators of immorality” which were separated into seven categories that correspond to the seven deadly sins.

WalletHub said, “But the cost of state sins is something we have to share as a nation. Gambling alone costs the U.S. about $5 billion per year. That’s nothing compared to the amount of money we lose from smoking, though – over $300 billion per year. Harmful behavior on the individual level can add up to staggering economic costs on a national scale.”

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