How Hipster Is Your Kid’s Name?

Here are 60 reasons to love or hate hipsters: these baby names are off-beat, old-school and unique…at least unique for now. If you’re expecting, or just named your baby one of the names on this list, you should be feeling pretty “hip” right now!

A few examples:

Van for a boy–“Van comes from the Middle English Vanne and the French Van, meaning a “winnowing machine.”  Oh. Ok then.

Mae for a girl–a retro name making a comeback.

Ryder for a boy– “Ryder, from the Old English Ridere, means “knight” or “mounted warrior.” It also has only been getting more popular since the ’90s!”

Duke for a boy–“This name has a little bit of a royal flair. Duke, from the title granted to an English noblemen who ranks just below a prince.”

Check the full list of so-called hipster names here. Do you love or hate ’em? What’s your favorite?



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