How Many People Have You Kissed? Let’s Look at the List 

FRISKY FRIDAY UPDATE:  A recent survey asked more than 7,500 Americans over the age of 18.  And it’s a little hard to nail down an exact average.  But here are the results . . .

1.  5% of people said they’ve never been kissed.

2.  4% said they’ve only kissed one person.

3.  13% said 2 to 4.

4.  16% said between 5 and 10.

5.  13% said 11 to 20.

6.  11% said between 20 and FIFTY.

7.  And 15% said they’ve kissed MORE than 50 people in their life.  Another 23% said they’re not sure.  So technically, that was the #1 answer.

The survey also found people in the western U.S. are the least likely to have never been kissed . . . only 3% compared to 6% everywhere else.  And they’re also more likely to have kissed over 50 people . . . 20% compared to 16% in the Northeast, 13% in the South, and only 12% here, in the Midwest.



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