How much?!? Sending your kid to Prom

Going to Prom, one of the many life events a high schooler looks forward to.

You may think it’s too early to think about this May event, but you need to save up for this big deal!

I spoke with one High School Prom-going expert from Plainfield North this past week who shared how she already has her dress, how the dance will be down at Soldier Field and how the tickets – without transportation – is costing her date $150…EACH!  It also doesn’t include dinner!

My mind is blown!  Her dress alone was more than $400!  She already got it because, according to this expert, “all the icky dresses will be left over in the next couple of weeks.”

I did some online research on how much the average prom costs and according to data from Visa, and the Wall Street Journal and my friends, just forget about paying for college!  According to last year’s numbers, it was about $1200 dollars on the low end per couple!

They also report that the average middle-income family spends $234k raising a kid (0 to 17); at around $1,000, prom represents not quite 1% of the entire 17-year cost of raising your little pumpkin.

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