There’s an industrious UBER driver in Seattle who’s taking big steps to make HIS style of ride stand out from the pack of basic drivers. He’s offering not only a lift to your destination, but a style of driver on his “Ride Type Menu.”

According to GeekWire, “The “Ride Type Menu,” as he has called it, lists five different types of experiences for those who sit in the back of his 2014 Nissan Versa. There’s “The Stand Up,” in which he tells jokes ranging from prison stories to why you should never get a lover’s name tattooed on your body; “The Therapy Ride,” in which Ure will listen and help you get something off your mind; “The Creepy Ride,” where he says nothing and just looks at you in the rear view mirror occasionally; “The Rude Ride,” where he’s as rude as possible — an offering that dovetails with his comedy; and “The Silent Ride,” which has no description and speaks for itself, or rather, doesn’t speak.”

A couple of the options are meant to be a joke, but who knows? There’s something for everyone–just ask him!