As you prepare for your Thanksgiving feast, you might need some reminders on how to cook that intimidating turkey.

You could call the Butterball hotline OR just ask a bunch of second graders!

So, I did. The second graders from Mrs. Karen Klump’s class at St. Mary Immaculate Parish School in Plainfield provided some insightful ways on “How to Cook a Turkey.”

“TO BEGIN, you go to the farm and akst the farmer if you can have a 50 pound turkey and if he says yes you take the turkey home. NEXT, you cut all of the fethers and the wodel and then you put some olivole on it and salt and pepper. THEN, you put it in the oven for 15 minutes. FINALLY, take it out and set the table for 50 people and start eating.”

“You get a turkey then you scrub your hands on it your hands have olive oil on it. You cook the turkey for about 50 degrees after that then time it for 40:44. It will weigh about 892 pounds so then 40 people can eat it and put salt and peper on the turkey. You get the turkey and eat the big huge and round turkey.”

“You get a turkey and you go home and rub the inside with fatning sous. You put it at 432 degrees and then you weigh it. Mine weighs 977 pounds.  Then get hot sous, whipcreem, olive oil and pudding.  You put on a whole cup of salt and you give it to people.”

“First you get a turkey.  Then you put the oven to 100 degrees. It cooks for 30 minutes. Next you put the turkey in the oven. Finally if its out of the oven then you can eat it.”

“Get a turkey from the store and put it in an oven. You put it for 50 degrees and get one for 100 pounds. You cook it then chop the turkey and put it on a plate. Eat it during dinner time and get full.”

“You have to go out and hunt for a turkey. You cook it and it should be 101 degreees and keep it in for thirty-five minutes. You can put a type of sause on it.”

“You find a turky and you grabe it. You put it in the oven and turn it on 10,000 degrees. You put salt on it.  Then you eat it!  Num, num, num!”

“You get a turkey. You put the turkey in the uvin.  Then you take it out of the uvin and you put stuff on it.  Finally, you eat it.”

“You get a turkey from a store.  You need to get the turkey and put it in the oven and you cook it at 60 degrees.”

“You put the oven on 100 degrees.  You get a turkey. You put it in the oven for 1 hour.  You take it out of the oven then you get a turkey wow how!”

“You have to get a tukey. You put it in the oven and then you set it for 10,000 degrees.  You weigh it for 900,000,000 lbs. Then you cut it and shar it with your family and your friends.”

“You put the degrees to 600. You put ice cream and soup, lemonade and pop on it.  You put the turkey in the oven. We finally get to eat the turkey with my family.”

Who needs official recipes or the health department?