It’s just about 36 days until the first day of school in my house. I’ve found many ways to keep the 13-year-old busy this summer before I hear the words, “I’m bored.”

Let’s face it, it’s hard to keep these kids engaged in something cool and away from their video games if you are a working parent, right?

One parenting group suggests a few ways to keep them busy during these long summer days.

Have them find odd jobs to do in the neighborhood, like mowing lawns or pet sitting . . . volunteer . . . and get a jump start on the upcoming school year by doing some reading or math problems.

I’m sure that will go over well in any household.

I’ve created the “Summer of Life Skills Camp” for my son. We have Culinary Arts (clean up the kitchen and put the dishes away), there’s Horticulture (water my plants so they don’t die) and the Fashion workshop (also known as laundry). The more creative the title of my camp, the more confusing and exhausting it is for him to complain!