Vegetarians now welcome, at the home of the Whopper.

The iconic burger will be offered as a beefless option, at Burger King – and it’s no April Fools joke.

BK has been secretly testing the sandwich; and plans to add the beefless ‘Impossible Burger’ to its menu, beginning with an initial launch at 59 restaurants in the St. Louis area…  a hard sale, where beef-lovers are loyal buffs.

Then, if all goes well, expect the rest of the nationwide chain to get the beef-like patty from Impossible Foods.  These burger patties are already available at White Castle, and Red Robin will be getting them at the same time as the St. Louis debut for Burger King.

[I just had one, at Eddie Gaedel Pub & Grill, in Elburn, and it’s FANTASTIC.  I’ll be a return customer!  And no one is paying me to say it.  ~ Mo]

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