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Dateline: WINDHAM, Maine

Last week, UnitedHealthcare sent one woman over 500 letters in 5 days.  Stephanie Lay says they were sent her 19 year old son but were actually were addressed to Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services — in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Most of the letters said the company was denying a payment of $54.  The claims go back to 2016.

At first, Lay thought it was a joke and was especially amused by a line written at the bottom of every single one of the letters that says, “Go Paperless!”

A spokeswoman for UnitedHealthcare says they are looking into the issue.

AND if they spent 55-cents per letter that would total $275 dollars…in order to deny a payment of $54!

Keep that in mind when you choose your plans and pay your premiums this fall.