A little girl in China was being called a liar, by her classmates, because she said her father was Iron Man.

Her father noticed she was coming home, so sad, from school, so he asked her why.  When she told him, Dad went into action.

The girl’s father, Bao Guojian, is a huge Marvel fan and a prop maker, in Beijing.  To make sure he “avenged” his daughter, Bao showed up at the kindergarten class, wearing an Iron Man suit.

The headmaster of the school paused all of the classes, so other students could get a look, and take pictures.

Bao said, “My daughter was so happy on that day, she kept walking in front of me while holding my hand, telling everyone she saw that ‘this is my dad’.”

The heartwarming story of the week!!!!

What over-the-top thing have you done to help out a child?

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