It is garage sale season and as you do your spring cleaning, you need to determine what could be trash or a treasure.  Sure you want to unload your husband’s neon beer sign…but will that be someone else’s treasure??

There are plenty of things you might make good money on, so hold off on putting the $1 sticker on those items.

According to, the average garage sale item sells for about 85-cents, but your items are better than that, right? Routine weekend sale hunters are savvy in their own rite, using hawk eyes to spot a yard sale gold mine. Knowing your audience is the key to raking in cold hard cash.

They say old games like Mario Kart could score you $25 bucks on eBay…or that old Lite Brite set that’s in good shape, $75!

Other things that can score you more than a buck at your sale; vintage dishes, picture frames and costume jewelry.  You can probably thank Pinterest for that.

What was the best or worst thing you ever got at a garage sale?

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