Guys may have “Mo-vember” with growing mustaches in support of men’s health –  here’s a link on that.

However, a good friend of mine and I have decided to create “NO-vember” for women; in support of women’s health!

It is the month where we are guilt free in passing on things people are asking us to do if we really don’t want to do them.

If you are like me, you own something called “Catholic Guilt.” Passed on from generation to generation, I find myself many times with a bad case of it.  “Hey Andi, will you help me with this project I have no idea how to do?”  “Hey Mom, I know it is 9:30pm at night, but can we go and get poster board for my homework that is due tomorrow?”  “Hey Andi, would you mind working on this report for me?  It’s due in two days.”


Whatever might be asked of you this month and you just don’t want to do it, it’s okay to say “No.”

I hope you now inherit peace, serenity and some extra time to read those magazines piling up on the coffee table!