A teacher in Georgia won $10,000 last month, just by reading the fine print on her travel insurance.  And the school, where she works, gets a check, just like that one!

Buried in the fine print, the company had hidden a contest – the first person to read it could contact them, and get $10,000.   That’s it.  And she spotted this on DAY ONE.

59-year-old Donelan Andrews teaches at a high school, about 60 miles south of Atlanta.  She always reads EVERY user agreement and contract she signs.

After she bought the travel insurance policy, she read the boring policy stuff . . . because that’s what she always does.  She thinks that reading contracts is so important, that she even hides secret questions in her students’ tests.  So if they pay attention, and read carefully, they can get extra credit.  LESSON LEARNED!  Well done.

They gave her the check, yesterday; and they donated $10,000 to the school.

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