James Corden is critical of Hollywood’s discrimination against people of size when it comes to romantic roles.

From a podcast, Corden said love-interest characters for “chubby” people, in television or film are lacking:  “The really never fall in love…never have sex.” Corden continued, “Certainly no-one really ever finds you attractive. You will be good friends with people who are attractive and often will be a great sense of comfort to them and perhaps chip in with the odd joke every now and again.”

When Corden, himself, was denied for these roles, he began writing.  He wrote the BBC sitcom Gavin and Stacey and is currently the host of The Late, Late Show on CBS.

Would you like to see more romantic representation of, let’s just say it – REGULAR people, on TV and in movies?  After all, studies continue to show that Americans, in particular, are only getting BIGGER.  

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