If you’re looking to brand your business with a fun, family friendly show geared toward the “on the go” life of the suburbs – meet Joe and Tina when you hit play!

It’s got a catchy name and is a chance to be part of the “early birds” here in the burbs of Chicago. You’ve Got to Get Up PRETTY EARLY in the mornings. Joe and Tina explain what it’s all about!

The Impossible Question is a daily contest at 620AM every morning on the show. What is it? Click the video to let Joe and Tina explain!

Hollywood Quick Hits happen at 550A and 650A every weekday morning. Joe and Tina break down some of the big Hollywood stories and more. Hit play to see how it’s unique!

With years of personal endorsements for local businesses and national brands, Joe and Tina can deliver your message every weekday morning. Click play as they explain why it could be the right marketing route for you!

If you’ve made it this far – we hope you’re interested in joining the Star brand! A final message from Joe and Tina!