Julia Roberts doesn’t think “Pretty Woman” could be made today, which seems like a challenge because everything is being re-made today.  But if you consider the #MeToo movement, she has a point.

She says, quote, “A lot has changed in the industry . . . [there are] so many things you could poke a hole in.”  But she says there isn’t anything preventing people from still enjoying the original now.

She also admits that she almost turned down “Notting Hill” because it sounded horrible.  But she’s glad she did it.

She says, quote, “I did not want to do that movie.  The pitch of it sounds awful, right?  Do you want to come and play the world’s biggest movie star, and then fall in love with the bookshop owner?  No!”

But she met the filmmakers anyway, and she says she liked them so much, she figured, “What the hell?”

Now, she considers it a, quote, “great little jewel of a movie.”  Which may be the case, but it’s still a very unrealistic movie . . . even for a romantic comedy.