Kelly Clarkson revealed that her father passed away months ago, Clarkson says that dealing with the loss has been hard and every time she sings the title track to her album, Meaning of Life it makes her think of how she tried to make things work out with her father. Her recent performances have been her release for all the pent up emotions she still feels about her relationship with her dad, “That’s why everybody thinks I’m just a nutcase, but it’s just, it’s evolved,” says Clarkson. “It’s just the sense of loss that I just don’t know if I’ll ever not feel just because I’m a mom, I’m a mom of two kids that aren’t even from my womb that I still couldn’t imagine treating the way that I was. I think that was just a really hard one for me still. But I have to sing it and I get it.”

Have you had to deal with the loss of a close family member? Was it time or sorting out the emotions that helped you overcome the pain? What songs helped you make it through?