You’d think that if NBC was doing a “Saved By the Bell” revival with Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley, they’d at least check in with the rest of the cast. But apparently, they didn’t do that.

Tiffani Theissen says that the announcement came as a surprise to her.  Quote, “I don’t know anything about it.  Literally, Mark-Paul and I were like, ‘Oh, wow!  I didn’t know that was happening.’

“It seems like everyone is doing a reboot these days.  It’s, like, popular, I guess . . . [but] I’m a girl that likes the originals.  That’s me, though. I’m nostalgic that way.”

Like Mark-Paul, Tiffani has another gig.  She’s on a Netflix show called “Alexa & Katie”.  There was talk that Mark-Paul’s contract may prevent him from doing another show on another network, and maybe that’s the case with Tiffani, too.

Otherwise, it’s hard to understand why NBC wouldn’t kick the tires on bringing Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski back, since they were arguably the heart of the original.