Kids Used to Like Barney. Now: Glitter-Farting Troll

Riff, front, center, a new character on the Barney & Friends show, is shown with with the show's other dinosaur characters, Baby Bop, left, Barney, back, and B.J., right, during the taping of a new Barney episode at the Barney & Friends studio in Carrollton, Texas, Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2006. (AP Photo/Donna McWilliam)

One of the latest attractions at Universal Orlando Resort will either make you smile or gag.

Guy Diamond is one of the characters from the animated film Trolls.  At the theme park, the purple fuzzy character walks around “naked,” with a juicy troll booty.

Diamond not only farts at guests but glitter is fired out of his backside when he does it.  If you’ve seen the movie, Diamond does the same thing.

Cute or just gross? 



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