Leftover Halloween Candy? Send It To Our Troops!

If you need some ghostly action to make that Halloween candy “disappear,” let it reappear in a faraway place, to lift the spirits of our U.S. Troops.

Get it to:  Sweets4Troops by November 17th.  Michael Embry tells ABC News in DeKalb that he will ship donations of leftover Halloween candy to military men and women, overseas.

“When you got a box from home, everybody dug in the box.  And, of course, you got the socks and, you know, the other things, but you look for the candy,” Embry said. “The military people have a hard time overseas.  It’s not fun being away, and this is a touch from home.”

Embry began collecting candy in DeKalb for Operation:  Support Our Troops America, five years ago, after a Halloween with few trick-or-treaters.

Candy can be dropped off or mailed to these locations:

The FUN Companies, 650 Peace Road, Suite F, DeKalb, IL 60115

DeKalb Fire Station No. 1, 700 Pine St

Sycamore Fire Department, 535 DeKalb Av, Sycamore

Daily Chronicle, 1586 Barber Greene Rd, DeKalb

Le Print Express, 1950 DeKalb Av, Sycamore

For information, email Embrey at M.Embrey@FuunMEEvents.com or call 815-756-1263.

Or, reach out to OperationGratitude.org.

The donations are growing – and should provide service members with a sweet treat for the holidays, which they might not have had, otherwise.

“Some of the time, when they’re way out in the remote places, they might just get an MRE [Meal, Ready to Eat],” added Sue Lifton of Operation Support Our Troops America. “Basically, you can survive on it, but it’s not going to have that taste of home, and that’s what they miss most:  those little things.”

This year, Hyvee, a local grocery store, will send about 100 pounds of unsold candy, rather than throw it away, to make room for Christmas merchandise.



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