Yes, kids do indeed say the darnedest things, so it’s no surprise we are cracking UP at this list of comments from kids, asking the question, “what do children consider the pinnacle, the ultimate thing you have or do that means you’re definitely ‘rich’?”

“People who had fridges with ice dispensers”

“Families who ate at restaurants”

“Also, people who lived in 2-story houses. The RICHEST”

“Having an extra fridge in the garage just for kids”….we’re seeing a FRIDGE theme…

“A pantry full of gushers, fruit by the foot, and only name brand snacks/cereals”

“N64 AND a Sega”…don’t make them choose!

“People who got food from the Schwans man”

“People whose parents drove them to school instead of taking the bus or walking”

“Families that went on family vacations…on a PLANE especially!”

What would you add–what did YOU think meant wealth and riches beyond your wildest dreams when you were a squirt?