Who says, don’t believe everything you read?  Yes my friends it’s time for “Believe it or Not!”  I find these things so you don’t have to.

Dateline: Vancouver, Washington

How often do we read the fortune in a fortune cookie and take it for granted?  One Washington state man said he actually followed the advice of a fortune cookie and won a $125,000 lottery jackpot.

The Vancouver resident said he discovered three fortunes inside a single cookie recently and decided to follow the advice printed on two of them: “Buy a ticket. All your financial troubles will soon be solved.”

The man said he bought a ticket from the Plaid Pantry in Vancouver and initially thought he won $125, but later discovered his jackpot was $125,000.

He said he planned to celebrate his win by spending some of the money on a sushi dinner.

I guess many of these messages in the cookies can come true.  I usually get the ones that say, “You will be hungry in an hour.”

AND that’s your Believe it or Not! I find these things so you don’t have to!