Fact or Fiction

How often do you come across a story while surfing the internet and you resist the urge to check it out – well, that’s why I’m here!

I find these things so you don’t have to!

Dateline: Port Arthur, Texas

It’s one thing to grab a grape out of one of the produce bags while at the market, but this taste test may land one guy into jail.

An arrest warrant has been issued for a 24-year-old man who authorities say posted social media video of himself licking ice cream from a carton in a Texas WalMart and putting it back into the store’s freezer.

Police say D’Adrien Anderson is wanted on criminal mischief, which could land him in jail for a year and cost him $4,000 in fines.

The incident happened Monday night at a Walmart in Port Arthur. Authorities say store surveillance cameras show the man eventually taking the Blue Bell ice cream out of the freezer and buying it.

The store had to dump all of its Blue Bell ice cream.

Just think about that as you do your grocery shopping this weekend.