Last week was our son’s school Open House and although he is in 8th grade, I always need to stop into the 2nd grade teacher’s room because it is like walking into Disney World!  Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Elsa and Ana pictures are on her walls and other Disney-tastic things can be found throughout her classroom.

Including a Mickey Mouse “Tattle Phone.”

There’s always one kid that wants to keep order in the classroom and earn points with the teacher – but instead of my teacher-friend Mrs. Klump listening to the student’s tattle or report – they pick up the phone and tell it to Mickey!  A chance for the kids to discover what they have to say is either a “Tattle” or a “Report” on something dangerous or important.

In the “Grown-Up World” we just use our smart phones and post it to Twitter or Facebook.  I think I trust Mickey’s judgement over anything “hashtaged.”