Mike Pries, our afternoon traffic anchor came up with an idea for his EPIC Milkshake for Hazel Marie’s Ice Cream Parlor’s Season Opening in Plainfield on April 1st!

He piled it high and called it “The Pile Up!” Take a listen to what is in it!

Be sure to submit YOUR idea! An entry earns you a free scoop at Hazel Marie’s opening day celebration on Monday April 1, and whoever Hazel Marie’s selects to add to their EPIC MILKSHAKE MENU for a week this summer and is going to earn the grand prize…. 1 FREE EPIC MILKSHAKE, EVERY WEEK, ALL SEASON LONG!

ENTER your creation below!

Then, stop by on April 1 from 3 to 6 pm for Scott’s Star 96.7 Radio Broadcast at Hazel Marie’s on Lockport Street in downtown Plainfield and enter for your chance to win!