Miley Cyrus wanted her hubby, Liam Hemsworth, to see her performing on-stage with none other than THE iconic Dolly Parton. Unfortunately, Liam wasn’t in the Grammy audience last night for the show. Instead, he’re reportedly in the hospital for an undisclosed reason. Hopefully, he didn’t work too hard on his latest flick, “Isn’t It Romantic”!

Funny confession about Miley and Liam’s hush-hush wedding recently:

Miley Cyrus, now known as Miley Ray Hemsworth, admitted that the only thing she wanted on her wedding day was vegan chicken and dumplings. As she put it, it was the only thing on my rider. She said she didn’t even need a wedding dress, she was trying to wear leggings and a hoodie! Sounds just like the Miley we’ve come to know and love!