People aren’t changing their under-pants every day…and that’s just icky!

A new survey by underwear maker Tommy John reveals some people are keeping their underpants on for more than a week.

1,000 men and women were asked about how long they wear their unmentionables before changing them.

Mom would be proud of at least HALF of us who change our underwear on a daily basis…45% admitted to having worn the same pair of underwear for two or more days, while 13 % claimed to have worn the same pair for a week or more.

The worst offenders are mostly men. The survey showed men are 2.5 times as likely as women to wear the same underwear for a week or more.

I suppose you could look at it this way Moms – when your college son comes home to do laundry, it won’t nearly be as much as you’d expect!