If your days feel monotonous, or they seem sort of lackluster, consider taking a page out of the book of some of the most successful people in history and build a new habit.

Ask yourself what you can do today, vow to make a new resolution, each time you wake for the morning.  First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt would often write in a journal, about democratic ideals, then devour breakfast and tend to a “thousand details” for upcoming social and political functions.

Try taking a morning walk, or doing another physical activity you enjoy.  Did you know that President Harry S Truman liked to start his day with a nice, brisk walk [and a shot of Old Grand Dad (bourbon)?  We’re not necessarily recommending THAT, but…].

If that’s not quite your cup of tea, try gardening.

Start the morning with a treat.  Not a chocolate kind of thing, but by doing something you enjoy such as drinking coffee or taking the time to get yourself ready for the day.

Or, meditate.

The last habit you could try to implement is to do something, anything, to really stimulate your mindRead, learn an instrument, or maybe try a Sudoku puzzle.

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