Really, it’s a thing.

When the epidemic would spread through parts of Europe, families would just hole-up in their homes, and, basically, just get creative with whatever they had in the root cellar, or the flour pot, etc.

OK, SO, last year I made it with ham – but this is how easy it is…

I call them “Thwackbiscuits” (Sniglet for those refridgerated dough packs, which you have to thwack on the counter, to break ’em open) – croissant or biscuit is fine.  Line the pot; and line a pie plate.  That second one will become the top of the “pie.”

See, you just flip over that one from the pie plate, on top of the other one.  🙂

Thanks so much for checking out my silly dinner!  It’s incredibly easy.
On the stove, I sauteed onions in butter for a little bit, then added the chicken, till it was fully cooked.  You could throw in green pepper at this point, or anything else you’d like to brown a little (or you could substitute ham, or whatever you like).
Then I added two small jars of chicken gravy, and a can of cream of chicken soup…  stirred it gradually.  I seasoned mine with (not much) salt, pepper and thyme.
I added some chopped celery, and a big can of veggies (potatoes, carrots, peas).  Nice stew!
Meanwhile, I sprayed my “dutch oven” or casserole pot, and a separate pie tin, with butter spray.  Then I lined them each with crescent roll dough.  Baked at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes – just let it get a little golden, but not so brown.
When the dough looks just cooked enough, dump in the stew.  Then, turn the pie plate upside down, over it, to make the “top crust.”  If your pot has a cover, put it on – or cover with foil, lightly.  Maybe the pie plate would even work as a sort of lid.  🙂
Baked that a little longer, for about 20 more minutes.  THAT’S IT!
I sure hope you enjoy my Cholera Pie!  I just love the name.  LOL

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