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East Coast Fireman went into store nude on dare to buy soda

Dateline: MIDDLETOWN, R.I.

Police say a firefighter walked naked into a Rhode Island convenience store on a dare has been placed on leave.

Police responded to a local 7-Eleven store on April 3 for a report of a naked customer. The owner said the man with a “smile on his face” purchased a soda and left in a car.

The car, with two fully clothed occupants, was then pulled over. The 29-year-old passenger said she “dared” her boyfriend to go into the store nude because he said it was legal in Rhode Island.

Police say 60-year-old John Walsh, of Lynnfield, Massachusetts, was charged with disorderly conduct and placed on administrative leave.  He’s been with the department for 40 years.

Now…I can’t truly come up with a clean joke here…but did anyone hear that 60 year old Walsh is dating a 29-year-old?  I wonder if she put any pictures up on her SnapChat or Insta…Who knows, maybe AARP Magazine would be interested.