New IL Laws in 2022 –

Once we turned the calendar to 2022, new laws have now gone into effect for our beloved Land of Lincoln.  Here are a few of them I thought were interesting and helpful.

  • Minimum Wage is now $12 per hour
  • June 19 is now a paid state holiday – known as Juneteenth.
  • House Bill 605 now bans state institutions and agencies from buying any Illinois state flags or United States flags made in other countries.
  • High Schoolers applying to public universities can now choose whether they submit ACT and SAT scores when applying for admission.

Here are a few others that some may or may not be happy about:

  • State Bill 817 now forbids public or private schools from applying school uniform or dress codes to hairstyles …. now that probably won’t help parents who use that excuse for keeping their teenagers hair out of their face
  • We now have a Vegetable Garden Protection Act, which makes Illinois the second state in the nation to enshrine the right to cultivate a vegetable garden into state law. I know many kids who aren’t happy about that.
  • The Animal Control Act now has removed the terms “spayed” and “neutered” and replace them with the word “sterilized.” – Why that change? The male dogs were rather upset with the previous wording. They probably won’t like the new wording either…

You can check out more of our new state laws from by just clicking here.