It has long been said that if you’d like to kick-start your dinner date on Saturday night, why not start with a dozen oysters for you and your honey?

What hasn’t been known as long is what oysters can do for our mental health–if you actually like them! Some people struggle with them before one even crosses their lips, saying they look awful. Others, a lot of others, complain that the consistency is disgusting. But would you take a second look at oysters if you knew they were good for your mental health?

“According to Dr. Drew Ramsay, try shucking a few oysters, which he says can ward off symptoms. The assistant professor notes that the bivalves are full of vitamin B12 to prevent brain shrinkage, plus long chain omega-3 fatty acid to fight depression.

“In addition to antidepressants, therapy, and further counseling, Ramsay prescribes dietary changes as part of his patients’ treatments,” according to Read more about the health benefits of oysters here. 

Are you ready to eat more, or be converted now that they’re so good for you?