For many of us, this is PANIC WEEKEND!  I still have to get Mabel her gift…I have nothing for Joey….the list goes on.

OR you were in the situation I was in. I thought I was pretty smart and started buying gifts back in August….and then forgot where I hid them in the house!  I’m thrilled to report for my family and friends, that I, indeed, found their presents….after purchasing those same presents AGAIN because I couldn’t find the original ones and they were just perfect!

I wanted to make sure I wasn’t alone and found this article online with some tips on how to remember where you’ve hid your Christmas presents – write everything down and then hide that paper! Your scavenger hunt is over!

Now, if I do this next year, I need a plan on how to remember where I would hide the list.

If you want to check out some ideas on how to remember where you hid things, click here!