Oreo turns 110

Everyone’s favorite cookie, the Oreo, turns 110 this year!

Oreos were first sold on March 6th, 19-12 in Hoboken, New Jersey.

To celebrate, they are going to release a special flavor called the Chocolate Confetti Cake. It has sprinkles galore! The cookies are filled with sprinkles and have two layers of filling: the signature creme flavor, pumped with sprinkles, and a chocolate-cake flavored creme.

Retailers will start selling the celebratory treats January 31st for a limited time.

They’ve been shaking it up a bit lately; the pink Lady Gaga Oreo, the Jelly Donut Oreo…did you know that they have made over 85 different flavors of Oreos? Check them out here.

In my house, when we want to get a little crazy, we go for the Mint Oreo and recently the Ultimate Chocolate-flavored Creme Cookie.