Parents: This List Will Be Helpful When Picking Colleges…If They Major In Beer Bongs!

A survey was done by The Princeton Review recently that will help many parents quickly rule out which college their kids will NOT be attending: it lists the biggest party schools in the country using detailed metrics you’d expect from The Princeton Review!

Check below to see if your little darling might be enrolled where the parties are a little daring, too.

For the top party school list, the team team looked at five different metrics:

  1. Beer consumption
  2. Liquor consumption
  3. Drug consumption
  4. Hours student spent outside of the classroom daily
  5. The popularity of the fraternity and sorority scene on campus

Now, who made the list locally? Click here to see where Illinois ranks. The first ten of the top 20 biggest party schools are:

  1. Univ. of Delaware Newark DE
  2. West Virginia Univ. Morgantown WV
  3. Tulane Univ. New Orleans LA
  4. Syracuse Univ. Syracuse NY
  5. Bucknell Univ. Lewisburg PA
  6. Lehigh Univ. Bethlehem, PA
  7. Univ. of Cal-Santa Barbara Santa Barbara CA
  8. Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison Madison WI
  9. Colgate Univ. Hamilton NY
  10. Univ. of Rhode Island Kingston RI


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