It seems like Disney won’t rest until it gives every single one of its animated films a live-action remake.  Here’s one you might NEVER see:  “Toy Story”.  At least not with Pixar’s approval.

Bob Pauly is a production designer who’s been with Pixar since 1993, when they were making the original “Toy Story”.  And he says you can never say never, but it’s not something Pixar would be involved in.

Quote, “We work so hard to create [the Toy Story] world and there’s that trust and that believability of the world that you don’t want to break [by making it live-action].

“When you go back [into this world], you know you’re going to be amongst friends, and be familiar with it.  You’re not worried about [creating new] stuff, you’re in the story.”

“Toy Story 4” hits theaters on June 21st.