There are certain things you need to plan for in life; getting married, buying a house and the pranks you plan on pulling on April Fool’s Day!

This is the weekend to start your planning….and that’s why, I’m your friend!

I’ve done the research and I have a few that you may want to consider for your family, friends, coworkers…enemies….

  • The Voice Activated Copy Machine; put a sign on the copier that explains the new feature, “it’s just like Alexa,” and listen to your coworkers lose their minds yelling “Copier…make 3 copies!”
  • Install an airhorn as a door wall protector….
  • Give your coworker an office technology upgrade and replace everything with cardboard cutouts.
  • At home, you can paint the bar of soap with clear nail polish and leave it in the shower…
  • Cover the TV remote-control pointer or computer mouse laser with a small piece of paper…
  • Text a GIF of the “typing” symbol to your friends and make them wait for a response that never comes.
  • Put a note on someone’s car that says, “Sorry about the damage, had to leave” and watch them look all over for the nonexistent damage.
  • Replace family photos at home or at work with celebrity pictures.
  • Bring a totally normal box of donuts or another delicious food in to work, and leave it out with a sign that says, “April Fool’s!” Then watch everyone try to figure out what you did to it.

Need more?  Check out this link, here!