Pulling The Plug at Lifetime Fitness

Are you a member of Lifetime Fitness? Well if so, you better be prepared to get your news elsewhere.

The company has announced that it has dropped all of the news channels from its TVs in front of the workout machines. This includes Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and CNBC. You will still be able to watch channels such as HGTV, ESPN Discovery and A&E. According to Lifetime Fitness, they have unplugged the cable news channels based on members requests on keeping an overall healthy way of life and commitment to providing family-oriented environment, free of never negative or politically charged content.

Obviously, you will still be able to sream any channels you want on your own personal phone or mobile device.

No word on whether our local TV news channels will still be airing.

Are you a member of Lifetime Fitness? Let us know what you are seeing on your TV screens.



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